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The Habit of Thinking Big: This resource helps educators easily integrate and enforce BIG thoughts and ideas to inspire students on weekly basis. We know it can be difficult sometimes to get students to think differently, and to shift their way of thinking towards the embracing of an outlook that is inclined towards possibilities versus pessimism and doubt. We believe that any student or person can change their focus from a perspective of discouragement to one of optimism and the possibility of their endless potential by simply implementing a few key habits. By making it a point to continuously expose students to a few optimistic concepts daily, results are sure to follow. We strive to lend a helpful hand, and provide you with a free tool that any teacher, educator, or parent can use to help keep a student’s mindset on track and primed for Big Thinking.

The Business Idea Generator for Kids: This resource, also known as ‘The Little Entrepreneur Starter Kit’ gives educators a way to get their students thinking about business in a different way, inspiring them to be creative about business while simultaneously encouraging them to think critically about various factors that should always be considered prior to going into business.

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