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Teach the Habits of Thinking Big

A Teaching Tool for Educators Seeking an Easy to Implement and High Impact Resource That Encourages BIG THINKING.


Ideally, the purpose of education is to prepare students to be resourceful, self-reliant, and strong contributing members of society, in addition to conscious creators of it.  If you are convinced that the majority of students who are currently going through the education system, are coming out truly believing in themselves in the capacity mentioned above, then please stop reading now.

However, if you are one of those special educators, the kind who truly believe that more can be done for their students, and one of the the select few who are unwilling to settle for just passively impacting our youth, then please consider reading on.


If Students Aren’t Being Challenged to Think Big, Then How Can We Expect Their Futures to be Big?


The Habits of Thinking Big, is a simple creation, that any teacher can take advantage of, but one that not every teacher will.  What we are offering, is something refreshingly different, yet refreshingly simple, its a tool that will get your kids thinking in a way that no other teacher has ever got them to think.  When you buy our tool, and put it to use, you get to be “that teacher” who potentially gets to be remembered as the teacher who got their students thinking different, the teacher who inspired them to think BIG!

This tool will consist of the following:

  • Two semester’s worth of BIG ideas, quotes, and role models to reflect on weekly.
  • 36 thought provoking journal prompts for students to reflect on.
  • Instructions for how to use included.
  • A breakdown for alignment with common core standards.


More Students Need Educators Who Can Inspire Them to Reach for The Possibilities That Await Them.


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