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Integrate Financial Literacy into the Classroom

What if all students learned how to budget, save, and invest their money early on? What if all students truly learned the importance of being smart with their money? Now they can!


Take a peek at the Financial Lit Kit classroom integration tool before you purchase it.

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Financial Lit Kit

An easy to implement, classroom integration tool that helps students learn financial literacy.

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The Financial Lit Kit

The Classroom Resource Developed by a Teacher for Teachers Passionate About Helping Students Learn How to Become Financially Responsible.


FinLit Made Easy

The Financial Literacy Resource Specifically Designed to Make Teaching Financial Responsibility Easy and Fun.


The Financial Lit Kit was specifically designed to overlay—not substitute—other valuable classroom curricula.  Hence, the resource allows for teachers to easily integrate financial literacy into their daily activities without impacting any key blocks of time within their day to day schedule.  Some important key features of this financial litetarcy teaching tool are:

FinLitKit Features BLD


A resource created to provide students and educators with effective financial literacy education that is both  affordable and easy to access. 


Apex Striving believes that in order for students to reach their economic potential, they must have a smart money management foundation which is best laid early on.   Our aim is to create students who ultimately have a chance at prosperity, and we believe that a key component of prosperity is a result of  financial responsibility, and financial responsibility the result of financial literacy.

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