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Many educators are already using entrepreneurship education to engage their students; helping them find new levels of motivation and creativity towards achievement in school and in their lives.


Take a peek at the Trep Prep lesson plans before you decide to purchase it.

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The easy to implement, time saving lesson plans to help you teach entrepreneurship.

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Effective Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans For Educators Seeking an Easy to Implement and Time Saving Entrepreneurship Resource Without Sacrificing Quality.



Get a Comprehensive Set of Lesson Plans Designed to be Easy to Use, Minimize Preparation, and to Effectively Teach Entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurship education is creating more career-ready students in preparation for the jobs of the future; jobs that will demand a workforce that is more entrepreneurial in nature.  The Trep Prep resource was specifically designed to help more teachers teach entrepreneurship, so that more students can be prepared today to be able to meet the career demands of tomorrow.

The Trep Prep teaching methodology links classroom work with decision making, critical thinking, and the creation of practical real-life opportunities. As a result, students will grasp the importance of research and education to their long-term goals and personal success.  Trep Prep includes a comprehensive set of entrepreneurship lesson plans that focuses on only the most critical aspects of entrepreneurship.  Outlined below are just a few of the key features that makes it both a comprehensive and easy to implement resource.

TrepPrep Features


More Students Need Educators Who Can Inspire Them to Reach for The Possibilities That Await Them.


As an educator using the Trep Prep resource, you now have the marvelous ability to not only make entrepreneurship accessible to students, but to also inspire them of its simplicity, and how it’s available to each and every single one of them.  Get a sneak peek before you decide to get The Trep Prep Resource for Your Class. Are you ready to prepare our youth for the future with entrepreneurship?  Get Trep Prep today and begin inspiring your student’s inner entrepreneur.


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