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5 Entrepreneurship Education Resources for Teachers

entrepreneurship education

In 2012, the Consortium for Entrepreneur Education, a group of leaders in the field of entrepreneurship education, ran a survey about the benefits of teaching entrepreneurship.  The findings of the survey demonstrated that educators acknowledge the critical role entrepreneurship education plays in preparing youth for their future careers. The State of Entrepreneurhip Education The Consortium for Entrepreneur Education ‘s State [...]

6 New Success Skills to Teach

6 New Skills to Teach

Josh Garskof wrote an article for Scholastic Magazine’s March edition titled the “Ready for Anything Mind”. In it, he outlines for both educators and parents alike, 6 new success skills to teach our students. Josh provides a compelling case for why students today need to be taught a core set of new skills beyond science, [...]

Why Teachers Should Welcome Their Greatness

Why Teachers Should Welcome Their Greatness post image

Are you a teacher who has welcomed your greatness?  Do you consider yourself a great teacher?  If you answered anything but yes to either of these questions, or if you hesitated in answering at all, then please keep reading. What do I mean by welcome greatness?   First, let’s clearly define the meaning, and then I’ll [...]

Why Character Education Matters

Why Character Education Matters post image

This short article seeks to make the case for why character education matters.  Have you ever wondered who is responsible for teaching character to our society in this day and age? And even more importantly, who is responsible for teaching character to our youth? Is it the household? Is it the media or our entertainment [...]

Youth’s Boundless Possibilities

Youth’s Boundless Possibilities post image

There are many ways educators and parents alike can encourage youth’s boundless possibilities.  There are typical ways and there are atypical ways.  The purpose of this article, is to suggest one of those atypical approaches. This atypical approach starts with an important truth I came across in the past decade, which is a belief that [...]