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7 Resources to Help Teachers Stay Inspired a Motivated to Keep Changing The World

Motivation For Teachers

I came across this article titled: ‘Why Inspired Teachers Create Successful Students’.

It was a great read and it made so much sense.  Inspired teachers inspire students. The article left me wondering though, who is inspiring our teachers.  Where are they getting their motivation from?

Teachers Have it Tough

I mean, teachers have one of the toughest jobs in the world, yet there isn’t much out there for them, in terms of resources to keep them on fire for doing what they do.

Much of what I could find using a simple online search was related to things Principals and school administrators can do, to help keep their teaching staff motivated.

But that was not what I was looking for.  I was looking for something else. I was looking for specific resources that teachers could immediately tap into, when they feel down, exhausted, or unmotivated to put in the level of effort or excellence that well, good teaching requires.

I found it odd, that there were not many resources out there geared towards keeping teachers fired up.

There were motivational resources in existence for entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, and for people doing the corporate 9 to 5 grind, but there just wasn’t much for teachers.

Teachers Need Motivation Too

My first thought as to why this is, was because teachers are modern day superheroes, and they don’t ever feel drained.  And while I am sure the first part of that thought was true, I know for a fact they do get drained of their mojo quite often.

My second thought was that maybe it’s because teachers are wired differently from others.  But, then I realized, this isn’t true either. Granted, they are special breed of people, they are still people none-the-less.  Therefore, I am convinced they experience the same motivational issues as people who find themselves in the non-educational professions.

And so, with that thought, I decided to curate a handful resources that teachers can use to quickly find the inspiration and motivation they need to keep changing the world, one student at a time.


The 7 Best Resources to Help Teachers Stay Inspired and Motivated.


1 –  We Are Teachers 17 Videos to Remind You Why You Teach

These 17 videos are just what you need to refuel your tank.  Use these videos to help you reignite that fire you had when you first started teaching.

2 – Cool Cat Teacher How to Motivate Teachers

Cool Cat Teacher is a fun website that every teacher should check out.  On her site she has a great resource titled, ‘6 Ways to Motivate Teachers: Be The Hope’, it’s an excellent resource that can give you some different perspectives on what motivates teachers.  It is a resource you can use to motivate other teachers, and it can even encourage you as well.

3 – Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy Anderson is a motivational speaker in the education space.  He speaks primarily to the students at schools, but he also speaks to educators as well, helping them overcome burnout and learn effective ways to connect with even the most troubled students.  

If you are looking for someone to help get you or your other teaching staff fired up, he is the guy to do it.

4 – Pinterest Motivation for Teachers

Everyone has heard of Pinterest, and many teachers have probably already stumbled upon this great resource.  This is a powerful collection of motivational images to help teachers stay inspired and motivated to keep changing the world.

5 – Edweek – Why You Shouldn’t Quit Teaching

This Education Week write up makes a compelling case for the value that you as a teacher have, to your students, your community, and society in general.  If your mojo for teaching has been waning, and you’ve been considering leaving the teaching profession, give this resource a look first, it may be the voice of encouragement you need to stay the course.

6 – Best Ted Talks From Inspiring Teachers

This resource consists of around 10 videos of inspiring teachers who give different perspectives on the importance of teaching and give a variety of insights and teaching anecdotes that are sure to help you revive your passion for teaching.

7 – Top 100 Motivational Sites From Around The World  

This last resource is not geared for teachers solely, it is a resource for everyone looking for motivation.  It is an excellent resource because it provides 100 different motivational websites from across that globe, sites that are certain to help you reignite your fire for inspiring others.

That’s All She Wrote

There you have it, seven excellent resources to help you keep your spark for teaching alive.  

May they serve to keep you inspired so you can keep doing what you do best, teach and inspire our future generations.

by Jessica Lee

Jessica is a former Teach for America corps member, has over 7 years of direct teaching experience, 10+ years of leadership experience, and has most recently performed as a Director of Operations for one of the largest global language learning software companies.

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