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7 Skills Students Must Learn to Close the Global Achievement Gap

7 Skills Students Must Learn to Close the Global Achievement Gap post image

I came across book in the library recently that caught my eye.  The book was published in 2010, but its title really stood out to me, especially since I am an advocate youth potential. The book caught my attention mostly because it suggested a solution to a real problem our country is facing; a global achievement gap.  The essence of the books revolves around some new skills that truly need to be taught in schools if ever our country is going to fully tap its potential and catch up to the performance levels of other countries.  Hence, the skills listed here are meant for all those educators who truly care about preparing their students for success in our rapidly changing global society.

Below are the 7 skills students must learn to meet the constantly changing needs of the global market, and to begin to close the global achievement gap.  This list of skills was derived from Harvard Education Professor Tony Wagner, and his must-read-book, The Global Achievement Gap.

1.) Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

2.) Collaboration Across Networks

3.) Agility and Adaptability

4.) Initiative and Entrepreneurship

5.) Effective Oral and Written Communication

6.) Assessing and Analyzing Information

7.) Curiosity and Imagination

If you are looking for more detail surrounding each skill, nice excerpts are provided on a short article written by Tony Wagner himself, titled: The Seven Survival Skills for Careers College and Citizenship.  It’s worth a look if you want more insight on each of the seven skills.  Also, you can get a nice summary of the overarching principles Tony Wagner outlines in his book The Global Achievement Gap, just click here to see the summary on SlideShare.

by Nathan Lee

Nathan holds an MBA, has blogged on entrepreneurship, leadership, and business for the past decade, has served in a leadership role for one of the largest Non-Profit Organizations within the Financial Education Industry, and has a sincere passion for education and inspiring potential.

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  1. Great list! I haven’t read the book yet, but these skills do align with most of the 21st century skills I’ve come to understand as vital for our student’s future.

  2. Tons of awesome information on the achievement gap. Keep it coming, you guys are proving some great achievement insights on your page.




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