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Teaching Youth to Reach For Their Potential




A great teacher resource for integrating achievement thinking into everyday learning.

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A teacher resource focusing on the end result of sound financial literacy education: prosperity.

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A unique teacher resource that integrates key entrepreneurial concepts into everyday learning.

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Apex Striving

Teaching Youth to Reach for Their Potential

At Apex Striving, we believe that state and national standards are the floor, not the ceiling. It is from this perspective that we strive to build a rigorous set of curricula and resources that will help teachers inspire their students to think big and reach for their potential.

The Apex Striving Team works hard to develop curriculum, so teachers don’t have to.  Our team does extensive research, brainstorming, and product design to ensure we provide world-class tools, so teachers can have a deep reserve of best practices and high-quality teaching resources at their fingertips.